News Release

April 17,2019
The PⅠ/Ⅱa clinical trial of FPP003(Antibody-inducing peptide) starts in Australia.
February 26,2019
FunPep is approved the PⅠ/Ⅱa clinical trial plan of FPP003 (antibody-inducing peptide) by HREC in Australia.
February 18,2019
FunPep contracts the joint research agreement with Shionogi for antibody-inducing peptide on pain territory.
October 5,2018
Announcement of fund raising through third-party allotment of new shares
September 20,2018
To develop antibody-inducing peptides for ankylopoietic spondylarthritis, industry-academia collaboration project selected by AMED
August 10,2018
FunPep starts an AI research to develop efficiently Antibody-Inducing Peptides with Future Corp. and Osaka Univ.
December 14,2016
FunPep announces to enter into the collaboration research agreement on adjuvant with Shinogi.
October 3,2016
FunPep announces to be rewarded with grant from the Active Osaka Promotion Fund.
September 16,2016
FunPep announces to enter into the collaboration research agreement on Antibody-inducing peptides with Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma.
August 18,2016
FunPep announces to win the MEXT Minister’s Award of the Award for Academic Startups 2016
July 29,2016
FunPep announces the memorandum to commercialize the wound dressing combined the antimicrobial peptide “curepeptin” with Morishita Jintan.
June 27,2016
FunPep announces the alliance to develop cosmetic containing the antibody-inducing peptides with Fancl group.
May 9,2016
FunPep and Morisita Jintan put 2 new products, which are a mouse wash and a table antibacterial spray, on the market with joint development.
April 14,2016
FunPep announces the third-party share issuance to OSAKA University Venture Capital
February 12,2016
FunPep announces a licensing agreement on Antibody-inducing Peptides with Medipal Holdings Corporation