Antibody inducing peptide(FPP004)

Antibody inducing peptide(FPP004)

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IgE Antibody-inducing peptide (FPP004)

Antibody-inducing peptide FPP004 is a compound targeting immunoglobulin E (IgE) developed upon joint research with Osaka University. We are currently conducting preclinical studies with the compound on pollinosis.
IgE is an important molecule involved in the development and progression of allergic diseases. Pollinosis, an allergic disease, exhibits seasonal allergic rhinitis against allergens such as cedar pollen, and its main symptoms include sneezing, mucosa and nasal obstruction.
Antihistamines are used widely for the treatment of pollinosis, whereas antibody drugs targeting IgE are prescribed to severe patients who remain symptomatic despite antihistamine treatment. Antibody drugs requires administration once every two or four weeks, but FPP004 is expected to have a longer administration interval and express long-term anti-allergic effects. Furthermore, as FPP004 is cheaper than antibody drugs, we are proceeding with its development in anticipation of significant market penetration.