Antibody inducing peptide(FPP005)

Antibody inducing peptide(FPP005)

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IL-23 Antibody-inducing peptide (FPP005)

FPP005 is antibody-inducing peptide targeting interleukin-23 (IL-23) under joint development with Osaka University. We are currently conducting preclinical studies with the compound on psoriasis.
IL-23 is a cytokine to differentiate and stabilize Th17 cell and play an important role in autoimmune diseases. In autoimmune disease included psoriasis, IL-23-activated Th17 cells produce inflammatory cytokines such as IL-17A and TNF-α, causing chronic inflammation.
In treatment for psoriasis, antibody drugs targeting TNF-α, IL-17A and IL-23 are used to treat to moderate to severe patients with insufficient efficacy despite standard medication. IL-23 antibody drugs are administrated at 3 months intervals under maintenance treatment in psoriasis because they have been suggested to have long-term efficacy by inhibition of the activation of Th17 cells that produce TNF-α and IL-17A. We expect that FPP005 have higher duration even if less frequent administration because the target molecule of FPP005 is the same as IL-23 antibody drugs, the mechanism of antibody production is similar to preventive vaccines against infection. Taking advantage of this convenience, we aim to make FPP005 a long-acting drug that can be used by a wide range of patients.
The project is supported by "Commercialization support through the promotion of translational research development (Collaboration with Research Institute)" of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).