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Functional Peptides

A peptide is the general term for a compound that is a short chain of 2 to 50 amino acids. A compound of more than 50 amino acids linked together is called a protein, which forms the majority of the human body. Peptides such as insulin, glucagon and calcitonin are hormones in charge of signal transduction regulating the function of internal organs. Peptide therapeutics involve the application of peptide functions. For example, ANP, a peptide consisting of 28 amino acids, is used as a therapeutic drug for the treatment of acute heart failure. Due to the development of peptide synthesis technology, we can artificially synthesize peptides with specific functions, referred to as "functional peptides". Leuprorelin, a drug for prostate cancer, is a synthetic peptide created by modifying part of the structure of LH/RH (luteinizing hormone releasing hormone). This drug is an example of a functional peptide put to practical use.

Wide-ranging Business Scope

We create biologically active "functional peptides" focusing on various needs and are proceeding with research and development from basic research to clinical trials. We are building our business by focusing on a skin ulcer treatment, an unmet medical need, and highly-marketable antibody-inducing peptides.

Doctors and patients are not satisfied with current treatments for skin ulcers, such as pressure ulcers, and seek new treatment options. Additionally, innovative "antibody-induced peptides" are anticipated to replace expensive antibody drugs to reduce the financial burden on patients and healthcare resources.

Our mission is to develop a stable business in the intensely competitive pharmaceutical market and contribute to society across a wide range of fields by improving the QOL of not only patients suffering from disease but also those who want to be healthy.