Corporate Behavior Charter

FunPep Co., Ltd. must be a valuable entity that contributes to the health and welfare of people in the world by developing and supplying excellent pharmaceutical products. This will enable us to play an important role in "patient-centered medical care" and contribute to improvement of medical care. For this purpose, FunPep Co., Ltd. will act with high ethical standards inside and outside Japan based on the following code of conduct, respecting human rights and complying with any and all laws and regulations and standards of conduct as well as the spirits thereof.

1. We will work on research and development of innovative new drugs that will contribute to medical improvement, and provide effective and safe pharmaceutical products of high quality as promptly and stably as possible. At the same time, as a company taking an active part in an industry contributing to the creation of innovation, we will contribute to the growth and improved efficiency of the economy through the development of safe pharmaceutical products of high quality which meet the medical needs.

2. We will perform clinical studies paying attention to safety with the cooperation of medical institutions as well as respect for the human rights of the subjects and scientific strictness. We will perform animal experiment required as a non-clinical test taking into sufficient consideration to animal welfare. In the new drug applications for pharmaceutical products, we will handle the data appropriately in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, our internal rules, and scientific validity.

3. For the purpose of ensuring the proper use of pharmaceutical products, we will appropriately supply scientifically supported domestic and foreign information relating to the quality, safety, and efficacy of them, and swiftly collect, analyze, evaluate, and communicate any post-marketing information.

4. We will conduct business transactions and distribution of pharmaceutical products through fair and free competition in a manner appropriate for life related products. In addition, we will keep healthy and normal relationships with medical stakeholders as well as politics and government office.

5. We will pay sufficient attention to proper protection of personal information and customer information, taking perfect measures appropriate in the highly computerized society.

6. We will exchange communications widely with the stakeholders surrounding pharmaceutical companies, and disclose timely, appropriate, and fair corporate information.

7. We will take a proactive approach to environmental issues, which are challenges common to all humankind, with the recognition that such effort is an indispensable requirement to the activities and existence of a company.

8. We will respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of our employees, and provide safe and enriched work environments where they can have job satisfaction. Also, we think that it is a responsibility of a company to raise the ethics of its employees and improve their qualities.

9. We will take an active part in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.

10. We will confront in a resolute attitude and break off any and all relations with anti-social forces and groups which may constitute a threat to the order and security of the civil society.

11. We will respond to the globalized business activities and contribute to the development of the economic society of relevant countries and regions by management paying attention not only to the compliance with and respect of local laws and various international norms including those relating to human rights but also to their cultures and customs, as well as stakeholders' interests.

12. Our executive officers recognize that it is their own responsibility to realize the spirit of this Charter, take the lead in setting good examples, and make it well known to the employees and business partners. In addition, we will constantly grasp the various views inside and outside the company, and establish effective internal systems.

13. Our executive officers themselves work to solve, seek to find the cause and prevent recurrence of, any problem, if occurred, which may be against this Charter. In addition, they will provide prompt and adequate information disclosure and fulfill the accountability to the society, make the authority and responsibilities clear, and impose strict punishments to relevant persons including themselves.

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