Message from Leader

FunPep aims to contribute to the society based on “innovation”, which means that we keep human resources and funds necessary for innovation from the society, enhance the value of its resources, and return them to the society again.

Innovation is a difficult word, and Steve Jobs of the Apple founder said in his autobiography that I want to be a human being who stands at the intersection of humanities and sciences, and also Walter Isaacson authored his autobiography says that creativity is born when humanities and desires for science combine into one intense personality.
Science and Technology is developed in academia such as universities, but it may be insufficient to be innovation by itself. I think that innovation will be generated only when the science technology and humanities existing in venture companies combine.

Based on science and technology, I hope to help all sorts of people including patients in the fields of medicine and health, together with everyone, who are our companions, stakeholders and people supporting FunPep.

Thank you for your support and cooperation to FunPep

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