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For such goals, when founding our company, we identified the following three policies:


Meaning of Our Company Name

Pursuing the potential of functional peptide, we deliver them as pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, as well as medical devices; and, we also aim to be a society where everyone can enjoy a healthy, pleasant and fun life. With such hope, we named our company the FunPep.

Our Policy

Through the development of peptide-based medicines and devices, we respond to Unmet Medical Needs by providing new therapeutics to diseases which are not sufficiently met with current treatments. Also, our goal is to replace antibody medicines with next generation pharmaceutical products, antibody-inducing peptide. These drugs are expected to reduce the burden on patients and public health care caused by high-priced antibody medicine.

Furthermore, less frequent administrations of the therapy will assure the reduced burden of patients. We will proceed with the drug development business by expanding our area to functional cosmetics and medical devices, and by contributing to health and beauty of people we aim to achieve an enriched human society of the future.

1. Be a front company for social and human challenges.

  • We do provide pharmaceutical products to promptly cure skin ulcers and bed sores with pain for the present and future aged society.
  • We do provide effective and less burdensome vaccines against continuously increasing diseases closely related to QOL, such as lifestyle diseases and psoriasis.
  • We do provide safe and valuable products for health and cosmetic care with easy access by utilizing our functional peptides.

2. Be a global company to be proud of Japan-origin products for worldwide business.

  • We do focus on delivering our medicines and medical devices to worldwide areas with clinical study on local and global basis.
  • We do convey appeal of peptides to the world for widely applying to various fields.

3. Be an excellent company loved by people.

  • We do devote and control ourselves together with board members, employees and stakeholders.
  • We do establish a precious company favored by various people including stakeholders, patients and our product consumers.