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Together with the graduate school of medicine, the Osaka University, we establish the technology for the design, discovery and optimization of functional peptides, and discover a number of development candidates by using those technological platforms.

Platform Technology

The strength of FunPep is to keep the two platform technologies as follow:

  1. SPIRIT (Smart PeptIde Research Integrated Technology)
  2. STEP UP (Search Technology of EPitope for Unique Peptide vaccine)

FunPep intends to create continuously functional peptides to be applied widely in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and medical device categories.

◊ SPIRIT (Smart PeptIde Research Integrated Technology)

SPIRIT is the technology to generate functional peptides.

Based on the anti-bacterial peptide, AG30, as the beginning of our research to replace amino acid(s) point by point, we discovered some kinds of peptides (i)with reinforced target function(s), (ii)with specifically deleted function(s) out of original ones, and (iii) with endowed new function(s), resulted in generating and identifying functional peptides such as SR-0379 and Curepeptin.

Our researchers accumulate and keep the lot of technical know-how to generate target functional peptides through the precedent process to discover SR-0379, Curepeptin and other peptides derived from AG30.

In the research and development for functional peptides, technical know-how on pharmaceutical formulation is required to adapt to peptide profiles such as rapid degradation in body, as well as to keep the peptide stable. These know-how are applicable to not only AG30, an anti-bacterial peptide, but also other functional peptides derived from original molecules related to diseases such as hormones.

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◊ STEP UP (Search Technology of EPitope for Unique Peptide vaccine)

STEP UP is the technology to generate antibody-inducing peptides.

In the collaborative frame with the graduate school of medicine of Osaka University, our researchers keep the know-how to identify epitope(s) which is to be mimicked in the peptide structure. The peptide with mimicked epitope is needed to be designed to induce humoral immunity, but not cellular immunity. An antibody-inducing peptide means a kind of vaccine in immunological system. The know-how for career protein inducing immunity and for adjuvant boosting immunity are also required.

These know-how can be applied to generate an antibody-inducing peptide to the target molecule related to disease.

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