Corporate Behavior Charter

Corporate Behavior Charter

The mission of FunPep Co.,Ltd. is to contribute to the improvement of the health and welfare of the people of the world through continuous development and stable supply of excellent medicines. And it plays an important role in promoting "medical care system of patient participatory" and must lead the realization of a sustainable society.

Sustainable economic growth and resolution of social issues

1. We are committed to research and development of innovative new drugs that contribute to the improvement of medical care and to provide high-quality pharmaceutical products with excellent efficacy and safety as quickly and stably as possible. At the same time, as a company responsible for industries that contribute to the creation of innovation, we will contribute to the growth and efficiency of the national economy through development of safe and high-quality pharmaceutical products that meet medical needs.

Scientific and strict R & D

2. We will perform clinical studies paying attention to safety as well as respect for the human rights of research subjects and scientific strictness with the cooperation of medical institutions. We will perform animal experiment required as a non-clinical test taking into sufficient consideration to animal welfare. In the new drug applications for pharmaceutical products, we will handle the data appropriately based upon relevant laws and regulations, our internal rules, and scientific validity.

Fair business practices

3. We will conduct responsible procurement as well as business transactions and distribution of pharmaceutical products through fair and free competition in a manner appropriate for life related products. In addition, we will keep healthy and normal relationships with medical stakeholders as well as politics and government offices.

Thorough information management

4. We will pay sufficient attention to proper protection of personal information and customer information, taking thorough measures for information management in the highly computerized society.

Fair information disclosure and constructive communication with stakeholders

5. We will disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate and fair manner, exchange a constructive communication with stakeholders surrounding pharmaceutical companies, and improve corporate value.

Approach to environmental issues

6. We will take a proactive approach to environmental issues, which are challenges common to all humankind, with the recognition that such effort is an indispensable requirement to the activities and existence of a company.

Reform of various working ways, enhancement of work environment

7. We will realize a way of working that respects the diversity, individuality and personality of our employees, and realize a work environment that is worthwhile, considering health and safety as well as raising employee ethics and improving employee qualities.

Contribution to social participation and development

8. We will actively participate in society and contribute its development as a good corporate citizen.

Thoroughness of crisis management

9. We will organize crisis management systematically in preparation for actions of anti-social forces that pose a threat to civic life and corporate activities, terrorism, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, pandemics, etc.

Contribution to global societies

10. We will respond to the globalized business activities and contribute to the development of the economic society of relevant countries and regions by management paying attention not only to the compliance with and respect of local laws and various international norms including those relating to human rights but also to their cultures and customs, as well as stakeholders' interests.

The role of top management and thoroughness of this Charter

11. The management acknowledges that the realization of the spirit of this charter is its own role, aims to thoroughly enforce its own company and group companies, and encourages business partners as well as taking the initiative.
Also, the management constantly grasps the internal and external voices and build effective governance. Contrary to the spirit of this charter, when a situation that loses trust from society arises, the management himself takes the initiative to solve the problem, investigates the cause, works to prevent reoccurrence, fulfills its responsibility and restores trust.