Business Models

Core Competence

Together with the graduate school of medicine, the Osaka University, we establish the technology for the design, discovery and optimization of functional peptides, and discover a number of development candidates by using those technological platforms.

Our company's development department, while anticipating the development possibilities of these candidates, sets up several development strategies in totality, which includes not only pharmaceutical drugs, but also a wide range of products such as medical devices and cosmetics. The fact that our production platform for developing has been set up already means that unique strength of ours does not allow for our competitors to catch up, and indicates the growing possibility of developing numerous products in numerous markets. Furthermore, our company’s development candidates have unique profiles that can be considered to solve many problems confronted in the actual medical scenes.

While maintaining a tight connection with the university’s medical department, our company fosters an environment that allows easy access to raw feedback from the medical scenes, and gives the utmost importance to the process of composing minutely the Target Product Profile (TPP) of developed products. Aiming for a new drug development while taking the medical scenes into consideration, setting up a development strategy with the TPP and making progress with a well-regulated development is the goal of our company mission.

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