Message from Leader

I like to think that the phrase “all worldly things are transitory” (from the Tale of the Heike), meaning the world is ephemeral and changing, can also imply the state of being in constant progress and evolution, like the continuous flow of a river. People, the world and technologies are in constant large scale evolution and flow, spanning beyond the lifetime of a single person. Even during my short life, I have experienced with excitement the birth of various new epochs, like the birth of Cohen and Boyer’s genetic engineering, the Human Genome Projects, shotgun sequencing and ESTs, and the discovery of iPS cells. In particular, I actually worked on cloning and running functional analyses of genes in the wet lab in the Human Genome Projects, pondered on the scope of patent rights for ESTs as an attorney at law and patent attorney, and took part in growth and listing (IPO) of the venture company that made practical applications of iPS cells.

Nowadays, it seems that the nucleic acid technologies and antibody technology are showing even further development, however, the recently encountered peptide technology also has the potential to benefit the world and people in various ways. Peptide (short protein), which exists even within living organisms, is a substance which technological scope has various functions, and plays a critical role in maintaining health and conquering diseases. While incubating and developing this technology with wonderful team members, I would like to share further excitement together with patients and various stakeholders including our shareholders. Furthermore, it is my wish to see this company grows further, exceeding the short lifetime of a single person, and becomes one of the big flowing rivers.

In a pharmaceutical and medical device industry which will considerably change to meet the aging society, my vision of the company is to contribute to society with the unique dynamism of the venture company.

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