Our Policy

Through the development of peptide-based medicines and devices, we respond to Unmet Medical Needs by providing new therapeutics to diseases which are not sufficiently met with current treatments. Also, our goal is to replace antibody medicines with next generation pharmaceutical products, antibody-inducing peptide. These drugs are expected to reduce the burden on patients and public health care caused by high-priced antibody medicine. Furthermore, less frequent administrations of the therapy will assure the reduced burden of patients. We will proceed with the drug development business by expanding our area to functional cosmetics and medical devices, and by contributing to health and beauty of people we aim to achieve an enriched human society of the future.

For such goals, when founding our company, we identified the following three policies:

Science for a Healthier World

Pursuing the potential of the Functions of Peptide, we bring health and safety to people.

We chose the new functional peptide as a means for treating diseases. Using technologies for the design, discovery and optimization of functional peptide developed at Osaka University, etc. as a platform, we produce the most promising new candidates for development, and wish to contribute to the health and quality of life of people around the world.

Bridging Innovation to Patients

Discover the potentials of innovations from university, and we bridge over to society.

The academic expertise and technology born in university laboratories should be widely returned to the people of society. Our two-fold strategy of pursuing cutting-edge research and putting them into practice at the same time is the starting point of our development policy for new drugs. We discover the innovations in universities and bridge them over to people.

Having a Fun Life

From pharmaceutical products to cosmetics and medical devices, we widely benefit people’s lives with a variety of product mixture.

Going beyond the field of pharmaceutical products, we widely consider the areas of cosmetics and medical devices as our targets. Our goal is to achieve the application of our products to launch through optimal strategy. That in particular, is directly related to making people’s lives more fun and enriched. We believe that Functional Peptide brings Fun to life.

What is peptide?

Peptide is the general term for a compound that is made of 2 to 50 amino acids linked together. A compound of further more amino acids linked together is called protein, and the major part of a human body consists of proteins. Inside peptide are hormones such as insulin, glucagon, calcitonin, which are substances in charge of the information transfer that regulates functioning of internal organs. Using functions of the said peptide, we create pharmaceutical products called peptide-based medicines. For example, the peptide called ANP that contains 28 amino acids linked together is used in the manufacturing of a medication called “hamp”, a therapeutic drug for acute heart failure. With peptide synthesis technology being currently developed, we can artificially synthesize peptide with specific functions, which we refer to as functional peptide. The therapeutic drug for prostate cancer called Leuprorelin (product name) is synthetic peptide of which a part of the structure of LH/RH (luteinizing hormone releasing hormone) is modified. This drug can be an example of the functional peptide put into practical use.

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