What FunPep aims for.

  1. Be a front company for social and human challenges.
    • We do provide pharmaceutical products to promptly cure skin ulcers and bed sores with pain for the present and future aged society.
    • We do provide effective and less burdensome vaccines against continuously increasing diseases closely related to QOL, such as lifestyle diseases and psoriasis.
    • We do provide safe and valuable products for health and cosmetic care with easy access by utilizing our functional peptides.
  2. Be a global company to be proud of Japan-origin products for worldwide business.
    • We do focus on delivering our medicines and medical devices to worldwide areas with clinical study on local and global basis.
    • We do convey appeal of peptides to the world for widely applying to various fields.
  3. Be an excellent company loved by people.
    • We do devote and control ourselves together with board members, employees and stakeholders.
    • We do establish a precious company favored by various people including stakeholders, patients and our product consumers.

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