Message to Job Seekers

To the people who work together

I believe that there are different types of organizations and that companies can vary according to their stage or scale. This company, a so-called venture business, is a small-scale organization with a number of employees that can go from ten to a few dozens. The good aspect about organizations of such a size is that employees know each other by face, and go through good times together and bad times together. In a sense, it is an organization that operates like a team. It is not large enough to be stratified, vertically divided, or departmentalized. In a team, it is extremely important that every member demonstrates the capabilities to the maximum.

While we may lack in name value or stability, touching on science at the edge of innovation, we can enjoy together the growth and success of the company, and we aim that each one strongly performs the part to achieve the goal. To the people who would like to be part of such a team, please come and let us do our best together. It goes without saying that you will certainly be compensated for your utmost efforts.

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