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Functional peptide

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A novel AG30 peptide with angiogenesis and antimicrobial activity was identified as part of an exploratory research at the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine. Researchers designed a modified AG30 peptide (AG30/5C) by replacing several amino acids to improve angiogenic and antimicrobial action. As a result of further modification to AG30/5C to enhance its metabolic stability, the researchers produced SR-0379, which is cheaper to manufacture and has greater stability. SR-0379 as a multifunctional peptide that was born out of long years of research.


SR-0379 is a functional peptide which induces skin fibroblast proliferation andangiogenesis (blood vessel formation). SR-0379 has an α-helix structure with uneven distribution of hydrophobic and cationic amino acids, much like antimicrobial peptides (AMPs). SR-0379 exhibits antimicrobial effects against bacteria and fungi through disruption of bacterial membrane, again much like antimicrobial peptides. SR-0379 is being developed as a drug against skin ulcers, and we are currently in the preparatory stage of Phase III clinical trials in Japan.