Company Profile


The graduate school of medicine, Osaka University established the technology for design, discovery and optimization of functional peptides. Using the base technology that enables this next-generation drug discovery research as a platform, we developed functional cosmetics, medical supplies (medical devices) and pharmaceutical drugs, and established the company aiming for the application of the academic technology in wide areas of illness, health and beauty.

October the 11th, 2013 Established FunPep Co., Ltd.
April the 1st, 2015 Opening Tokyo office in Aoyama, Tokyo Initiated full-scale business activities
June the 1st, 2015 Opening Saito office in Saito, Osaka
December 28, 2015 Changing of Tokyo Office from Aoyama to Yoyogi
May the 1st, 2019 Opening Senri office in Techno Alliance C, Osaka Univ.

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